Mind Body Fork is a sustainable, farm fresh one-of-a-kind meal delivery service focusing on natural and locally sourced ingredients. Inspired by the culinary story of chef Debbie’s own health journey as she decided to dedicate her life to her body once and for all. On January 1st 2013, Chef Debbie made a vow to live a healthier lifestyle and learned to change the way she would eat. Not only was this a personal transformation, but also a culinary challenge to re-educate herself on cooking from a completely pure and natural source. Almost three years later, and almost 30 pounds lost – chef Debbie has created a realistic, daily food program that offers food-forward cuisine for meeting a wide variety of individual health and weight management goals.  Mind Body Fork’s meals source SoCal’s local farmers, using primarily organic and non-GMO produce, cage free eggs, hormone free poultry, grass fed beef, sustainable seafood and organic or raw dairy. All meals are free of gluten and refined sweeteners to limit the consumption of processed foods in your daily diet.


We look forward to changing the way you live to eat…one meal at a time!



We believe that health driven cuisine can be just as creative and delicious as the best restaurants in town!

We believe in moderation, creating a plate that you can live and eat by, one day at a time.

We believe that refined sugars are the enemy, and use only natural sweeteners that have nutrient value and dietary substance.

We believe in supporting our local farms, sourcing direct, making sure that you are getting the cream of the crop each and every time.

We believe that no matter what you eat, without proper exercise and rest, your health will not change.

We believe that calories are not the focus. Rather we create beautiful food focusing on our medical advisor's metric system of portion control, to ensure you are getting proper daily nourishment. 

We believe that sustainability is key, and that cooking with a conscience does good for your Mind, Body and Fork.