Providing an array of options based upon individual dietary guidelines, Mind Body Fork’s daily meal plans are all reviewed by our medical partner and nutritional advisor, Dr. Cate Shanahan. By offering four different meal plans designed to suit your individual weight management goals, Mind Body Fork is truly the solution for optimal health sustainability. Our four meal plans include:

4X4 LEAN MEAL PLANOur newest program inspired by our resident fitness guru and approved by Dr. Cate Shanahan - this Monday- Thursday meal plan is built for those wanting to have their weekends off, while still maintaining optimal nutrition for long-term weight loss. Each day of meals consist of:
A high-protein breakfast
A high-protein lunch (4 oz protein)
Dinner consisting of protein (4 oz), vegetables and one portion of a gluten free carbohydrate
Sugar Free snack to curb your cravings.

CARB CONTROL PROTOCOLA Grain Free, Limited Dairy Meal Program - designed to reboot your metabolism by eliminating processed sugars and starches, and avoiding common allergens in dairy protein and grains. This high-protein meal plan is geared towards those wanting to gain energy, lose weight and reduce the processed carbohydrate intake. Clarified Butter/Ghee are a small portion of Raw Organic Dairy is included. 

Each day of meals includes:
A High Protein Breakfast
A High Protein Lunch (4-6 oz)
Dinner to consist of protein (4-6 oz) and two portions of low carb vegetables
A Sugar Free Snack
A Savory Snack
This program is a 14-day program, unless otherwise noted.

OPTIMAL FAT BURNING MEAL PLANDevised by our resident doctor and nutritional expert, Dr. Cate Shanahan this weekly program is designed for those wanting to shed those extra pounds, while training your body to burn fat and calories more efficiently. Our Optimal Fat Burning Plan is comprised of 3 meals to include a high-protein breakfast, a high-protein lunch and a dinner to include protein, vegetables and a gluten free grain.

BONE BROTH CLEANSEThis is a 4-day program which includes a morning bone broth based soup, a nut and seed based porridge, savory hearty beef bone marrow broth comprised of grass fed beef and organic vegetables, and a light meal for dinner to include lean protein and fiber rich vegetables.


For those in need of very specific dietary guidelines, we also offer a private chef service “Door 2 Fork”. You can learn more about our one-on-one culinary services by emailing us at:!